The PICO Nasal Mask

The newest addition to Philip’s line of nasal masks is the PICO Nasal Mask. The mask has been designed to afford minimal contact with the face but still provide a snug seal to minimize any chance of leaks. The mask is quick and easy to fit and the headgear can be tightened according to preference.

Philips Respironics conducted product testing to ensure they are providing quality care. The results collected indicated that 98% of patients reported better fitting and compliance with the new mask.

The Pico Mask is lightweight with minimalism in mind, designed to accommodate those who prefer a simpler approach to CPAP mask. The Pico currently has the smallest profile among all nasal masks in the market today.The small forehead support is a welcomed change due to the much larger supports featured in other masks.
Due to this small profile and forehead frame there is only four points of adjustment.

The swivel on the mask can be detached to allow for any interruptions during the night whilst keep the mask on.

The dual-wall silicone cushion allows for a better fit on the bridge of the nose. The first wall is for sealing the mask while the second wall is for cushioning the nose. Permanently attached to the acrylic shell, the cushion effortlessly snaps on and off from the mask for quick replacement.