The Fisher & Paykel Icon Auto CPAP Machine


  1. Heated Hose
  2. Built in Humidifier
  3. Travel Bag
  4. SD Card
  5. Power cable

The Fisher & Paykel Icon Auto CPAP machine is designed with a ThermoSmart heated hose and a built-in humidifier, this CPAP machine offers utmost comfort to users undergoing therapy.


Innovative pressure relief technology SensAwake which senses when the user is awake to reduce pressure and increase patient comfort. The Icon allows for users to programs alarm tunes and an alarm clock.

This CPAP machine is loaded with specifications based on the actual needs of patients with respiratory problems and OSA as it is an auto CPAP machine. This device provides continuous positive airway pressure and automatically adjusts its pressure depending on the fluctuating airway pressure changes of the patient. The pressure range is from 4-30 cm H2O and adjustable in increments of 0.5. This device has its own specialized chamber to hold 420ml water. It comes with two disposable filters for easy clean-up. The ThermoSmart™ Technology affords comfort and humidity. The SensAwake responsive pressure relief provides a better overall sleeping experience. Its Smart Stick card stores about 365 sessions of summary data and 400 hours of detailed data. Since the noise level is less than 29dBA, the user and his/her bed partner’s sleep is more unlikely to be disturbed.

Ease of Use

Fisher & Paykel ICON+ comes with an easy-to-understand comprehensive user manual. It provides detailed instructions on the use and management of the auto CPAP machine. A user will have no problem turning on and off the machine as well as reading the stored data on the SD card. However with an efficient size of 6.3 x 6.7 x 8.7 inch and a packaged weight of 8.7 pounds, the ICON+ is not exactly lightweight but its footprint, including the power supply and humidifier is compact enough.

The overall design and style of the F&P ICON+ is stylish and contemporary for bedroom appeal. The display is forward-facing with a menu system that is quite intuitive.