The DreamStation


  1. Heated Hose
  2. Built in Humidifier
  3. Travel Bag
  4. SD Card
  5. Wireless Cellular Modem & SIM Card
  6. Power cable

Philips Respironics newest addition, the DreamStation is the most advanced automatic CPAP machine Phillips have ever made. The Dreamstation’s cellular modem mean
A single pressure CPAP machine designed and manufactured to use in tandem with Bluetooth wireless technology for ease of tracking. It is a single pressure device that affords pressure relief qualities for a more sleep-conducive environment.

DreamStation CPAP machine comes with a heated humidifier that ensures air coming from the water chamber into the therapy mask is warm.

This device comes with a built in wireless cellular modem and sim card and can be remotely monitored and managed by our expert clinicians at CPAP Direct. The device also has Bluetooth connectivity and SD card storage. Download the “Dream Mapper” application for Android and apple devices to track your own progress.

The DreamStation is 60% quieter, 20% smaller and 30% lighter than the previous model. It remains one of the only devices left on the market that can be halved in size by removing the humidifier section making it very lightweight and easy to travel with.
The new unit has retained some of the famous Philips Respironics features and had a couple of new features added as well.

Product Features

Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP machine’s menu is highly accessible and easy to use. Designed to nudge CPAP users with alert and sleep results, this feature has several setup options such as optional humidification, ramp and flex pressure relief. A user can download DreamMapper smart device app for ease in monitoring therapy sessions through Bluetooth technology.
PR’s C-Flex Technology effectively relieves pressure created by CPAP machines. The levels of setting marked 1 to 3, where 3 afford the greatest exhalation ease, offer various reduction of pressure on exhalation.

PR’s System One Resistance Control props the device to reach optimal pressure through a numbering system that enables the device to recognize the mask, affording not only reliability but accuracy as well by instructing the machine to compensate for a particular PR mask type.

The built-in Bluetooth connection permits the machine to directly pair with PT DreamMapper web-based program and mobile application. Once the Bluetooth feature is enabled, the user can download the SleepMapper app onto a smartphone to view detailed sleep results.
The heated humidifier is an option to prevent congestion and dryness as one undergoes therapy. The machine provides heated air to CPAP device users. The water in the chamber is heated 30 minutes in advance for convenience but the humidification settings and tube temperature can be set and adjusted while the device is running.

As with the standard RAMP feature, SmartRamp is designed to gradually adjust the CPAP therapy pressure to the user. However, RAMP gently increased the pressure from half the prescribed CPAP pressure to full pressure within a chosen time frame (from 5 to 45 minutes) in 0.5 cm H2O increments to full pressure.

The SmartRamp employs an Auto-CPAP algorithm, decreasing and adjusting pressure based on the breathing of the user. Once the prescribed pressure is reached, the device will automatically operate on that pressure.

‘Setup Menu’ Options affords the user to make use of various features in the DreamStation device. These options include settings for Ramp, C-Flex, Humidification, Tube type, modem, Bluetooth, and time option to change or update display time setting.
The LCD on-screen display light is based on the dimness or brightness of the room. The display results are displayed on the user interface. The user should sleep 4 to more hours for the session to be considered successful.

To reduce the possibility of water damage when the optional humidifier is used, the DreamStation’s dry box technology addresses this problem. The dry box traps the water within the unit’s walls to deter water from traveling in the humidifier connection and other parts of the machine.

PR’s DreamStation CPAP Machine is a new product to better address the needs of OSA patients. CPAP Victoria is one of the first companies certified offer this machine.

Smart Ramp – This uses the same algorithm as the automatic machine but in the ramp period. It responds to events during the ramp period until it reaches the therapy pressure. The effect of this is that the patient is still being treated in the ramp process if they fall asleep quickly.

On Screen Sleep Report – The on screen menu will display advanced data such as AHI, Periodic Breathing, Leak Rate, and Therapy Hours. It will also show the pressure the machine was at or below 90% of the time.

AFlex – This is the patented pressure relief feature that synchronizes with the patients breathing pattern. In addition to backing off the pressure on the exhale to make it easier to breathe out, it also helps the patient breathe in. After a couple of breaths, the machine is in perfect sync and this makes it probably one of the most natural machines to breathe on.
Auto Start – The device can be turned back on by simply putting the mask on and breathing. This makes it easier to get back to sleep after a bathroom break.

Dry Box Technology – This is a safety feature that stops excess water from the humidifier chamber leaking back into the CPAP machine. Tried and tested, this safe guard can save someone thousands on replacing a CPAP machine because they forgot to empty the water chamber before packing up the machine and travelling.

New Humidifier Chamber – The new humidifier boasts a dishwasher safe and BPA free open chamber. It is extremely easy to remove and fill but more importantly, it’s very easy to clean.

System Check – If you suspect something may be wrong with your device, you can run a system check feature that cycles through a self diagnostic system and calibration check. It also checks the error log on the device and will give you a green tick if everything is fine or a red cross if it needs to be serviced.

Warranty – Philips have a 2 year new for old replacement warranty for devices bought in Australia. If you have the optional extended warranty, the additional 3 years are a back to base warranty with no out of pocket expense to the patient.

Classy Look – The new colour screen and menu system is very easy to navigate. It has a large power button next to a ramp button on the top of the device and a navigational scroll dial knob for making your way through the menu. Physically the unit is beautiful and blends into any bedroom environment. Philips was looking for a modern and classy looking unit. We think they’ve hit the nail on the head.