Fisher & Paykel’s ESON Nasal Mask

Fisher & Paykel’s ESON Nasal Mask is an innovative and convenient CPAP mask with an easy, quick and comfortable fit. The mask is compact and has multiple points of adjustment to ensure an individualized fit each time. The ESON is quiet to use and offers both the user and bed partnera restful and peaceful night sleep.

The ErgoFit Headgear offers a fit and stable mask and headgear. The multiple points of adjustments are Velcro and easily adjusted. The crown strap makes the headgear more stable and allows for a truly custom fit. The Easy-Clip hooks make for quick and easy removal of the mask and ensure the longevity of the Velcro.

RollFitâ„¢ Seal is F&P’s technology to address the problem of movement and pressure of the mask on the face. The simple technology employs a ball and socket elbow to counter balance the weight of the mask to reduce movement. The mask frame is available in one size with small, medium and large cushions available, meaning size changes are hassle free and inexpensive

Q Cover diffuser serves as exhalation port to allow CO2 to be removed and shields the nose and mouth from breathing in fine dust particles. The Q Cover is removable and replaceable.